Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the pre-recorded interview Oprah did with Meghan and Harry was released last night! Based on the previews and teasers CBS released, you would think the interview would have been full of hints and vague mentions of things that happened… but what we got was quite the opposite. The interview was EXPLOSIVE to say the least! The couple shared a lot, way more than any of us expected. So much of it was brand new information, at least to me, and definitely provided a good look at their experience these last few years. I think it’s important to state that this is Meghan and Harry’s side of the story, and while I believe what they stated was likely mostly true, it is impossible to really know the details of *all* sides of the story. We have yet to hear a rebuttal from the palace or anyone else in the royal family, and part of me doubts we ever will.

With that said, I LOVED the interview with Oprah! Meghan and Harry were open, honest and vulnerable in a way nobody has been in the royal family since Diana did that interview in 1995. In addition to divulging a lot of very interesting information, the interview itself was effortless and natural. The flow was great! There were a few lighthearted moments at the beginning (like the teaser for the gender reveal!), the middle focused on the heavier topics, and the end brightened back up a bit with questions about Archie and a look at their life in California.

As Oprah teased in early previews, no question was off limits! The major highlights for me were the following revelations:

  • Meghan and Harry are having a GIRL!!! Them doing a gender reveal was such a fun and special treat. What do you guys think the name will be?!?
  • Oprah and Meghan touched on the old news reports depicting a scene that left Kate in tears – Meghan said the opposite occurred, that Kate had said something to make Meghan cry. She mentioned how Kate apologized and gave her flowers, and that all was forgiven. She also mentioned how Kate was very welcoming to her when Meghan first joined the fold, but it definitely sounds like the two didn’t spend much time together and simply didn’t have much in common… which is totally normal and ok! Women don’t have to be best friends to respect each other.
  • The comments about the couple’s potential child’s skin color really got me! I can’t say I’m super surprised based on the Firm’s lack of speaking out against the racist vitriol Meghan experienced, but I guess I’m shocked these comments were made by Harry’s family directly to Harry. It’s disgusting, and honestly I’m surprised the couple didn’t bolt right then.
  • Another heartbreaking revelation was Meghan admitting to having suicidal ideations during her pregnancy and couldn’t get the help she needed, even after asking multiple times for assistance. Princess Diana spoke of her own mental health struggles in that interview I mentioned from 1995 and also received no support from the royal family, so it seems they have learned nothing from the past.
  • Finally, Harry’s candor in revealing the current state of his relationship with various family members was not at all shocking, but I am surprised he went into detail. Charles has had a strained relationship with both William and Harry in the past, prior to Meghan arriving on the scene, so the fact that it’s happening again is no surprise. Based on the interview, Harry seems most angry with his father – he didn’t say any disparaging remarks about William, just that they were taking some space and are on different paths right now. But Harry did mention he was “disappointed” in how things have transpired with Charles, and that Charles stopped taking his calls in early 2020.

A lot more was shared in the interview, so I highly recommend watching it if you are able! I hope we’ll continue to see more of this openness and vulnerability from Harry and Meghan as we see them blossom in their new life. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for Archewell Audio and Archewell Productions!

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  1. Tracey
    April 4, 2021

    I have to say that I was surprised that Meghan spoke about individual members of the British Royal Family and about racism within the British Royal Family.
    However, I have had concerns about racism within the British Royal Family since 2018.
    Why have members of the British media been attacking Meghan for breaking Royal protocol when there’s so many pictures out there showing the white members of the British Royal Family doing/wearing the same things? And why has nobody ever said anything about it?
    Who has benefited from the negative stories published about Meghan?
    The answers lead back to members of the British Royal Family and their staff. After all, if racism is a major problem in Britain it is unrealistic to expect it to be non-existent within the British Royal Family and/or the people that work for them.


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