If you read last week’s Royal Rundown, you know that five of Meghan’s closest friends and confidants came to her defense through a spread in People Magazine. After months and months of negative press and commentary on social media channels (many of which contain incredibly offensive racist and sexist narratives), these five anonymous buddies shared details on the very little communication she’s had with her father since the Royal Wedding, called out her half-siblings she hardly knows for exploiting her fame, how Meghan has always been kind, generous and had a strong faith… In the article, it was also revealed Meghan penned a lengthy letter to her father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018, asking him to stop communicating with her through the media.

The best part about this is that since day one, Thomas Markle has been saying he’s tried to call her and text her and reach out to her, only to get no response. The friends in the article defend Meghan here too, saying her cell phone number has not changed and not once did she receive a phone call from her father since the Royal Wedding. So in response to the People Mag article about the letter, Mr. Markle decided to PUBLISH pages from that letter… therefore proving he’s been lying for months about it! While not surprising, this should be a clue that he is not a reliable media resource and the press should stop going to him for details. Not only is he a liar, but he continues to completely disrespect her wishes and her privacy by sharing the intimate details in those letters. As if you needed more proof her father is a total scumbag.

Of course, only a portion of the pages of the letter were released – my guess is the other pages he didn’t release don’t show him in a positive light or he’s waiting for his moment to share the rest. Either way, I’m disgusted by it. The article suggests this last move by Meghan’s father just sealed the deal for his fate and whether the two will reconcile. Who could blame her for never wanting to speak to him again after all he’s said and shared this past year?! And he’s apparently now writing a book about her childhood. Good riddance, Thomas Markle.


It was previously thought that Prince Harry might miss his first married Valentine’s Day with his wife due to a visit to Norway yesterday! Luckily he made it back just in time for dinner with his “lovely American wife”, Meghan. Harry flew up to the Arctic Circle yesterday morning to meet with British troops taking part in the Exercise Clockwork on their base and celebrating the 50th anniversary of this cold weather training.

During the visit, he was also led to a Quincey Shelter (basically an igloo), which featured photos of the Royal Wedding and what Harry laughingly called a “shrine” to his wife. Apparently there was romantic music playing in the background too! Talk about a Happy Valentine’s Day. After his short three hour visit, Harry quite literally jetted home to London for a Valentine’s Day date with his pregnant wife. Knowing Meghan, she probably whipped up an incredible meal, lit a few candles and gave Harry something special. You can read more about what Meghan loves about Valentine’s Day here!

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