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Happy Monday, everyone! I thought I’d start off this week with something new. If you love hearing the latest royal gossip, following Meghan and Kate’s fashions or just want the newest of the news regarding the Royal family, below is a roundup of great podcasts and Instagram accounts you need to check out and follow! I follow each of these and love the various takes each has on the current rumors, outfit choices, etc from each of the royal family members. So much fun! I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!


Real royal reporters Emily Andrews and Omid Scobie share the latest news and gossip surrounding the royal family! They are on the ground in London, and often travel with the royals, so they certainly have the inside scoop. I love the host’s light and cheerful energy, and the focus on the truth + diffusing the false rumors.


Another podcast I love is Royally Obsessed! While the two women hosting are esteemed writers for a number of well-known magazines and media outlets, the interaction between the two seems more like chatting with your girlfriends about the latest royal gossip! It’s one of my favorites to listen to each week when I’m getting ready for the day or on a walk. If you’re looking to hear about the latest outfits from Meghan and Kate, royal rumors and more, listen to Royally Obsessed! They’re also on Instagram, so be sure to follow them here.


Hosted by Vanity Fair editors, Josh Duboff and Julie Miller, this podcast explores the ins and outs of pop culture! While the podcast mostly covers the latest royal gossip (at least lately!), they also cover the latest Hollywood tidbits from celebs like Justin Beiber, Beyonce and more. I love the dynamic between these two – even though it’s from Vanity Fair, the chat feels very tabloid-esque and it’s such a great guilty pleasure each week! They get down and dirty dissecting the latest rumors to figure out what’s real and what’s not. I also love how they share call-ins from listeners who share their take on the royal gossip! Follow them on Instagram here.


Longtime Getty photographer, Chris Jackson, has been by the Royal family’s side for the past fifteen years! He travels with them all over – he was one of the few invited on the recent Royal Tour Meghan and Harry embarked on in October. Needless to say he captures and shares some amazing photos of all members of the royal family! He even released a book called Modern Monarchy: The British Royal Family Today, featuring a selection of photos from recent years with a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to follow the Royal Family and how he captures these amazing moments. Make sure you’re following him on Instagram for his latest work!


A reader of mine turned me onto this one and I am LOVING following her! Elizabeth Holmes is a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and also obsessed with the royals, and has amassed quite a following on her Instagram account due to her So Many Thoughts series. The series occurs exclusively on her Instagram Stories, where she features the latest appearances by Meghan and Kate (and other members of the royal family), and basically gives a rundown on her thoughts about the outfit, body language, and overall photo. It’s incredibly entertaining and fun to follow! She’s smart, funny and totally on the nose with all of her commentary. Click here to follow her – you won’t regret it!


This account is more of a parody than anything, but it’s hilarious and you should follow it. If you don’t know who Gary Janetti is, he’s married to Brad Goreski and has written and/or produced for shows like Family Guy, Will and Grace and more! His Instagram account, however, is mostly dedicated to sharing memes of Prince George… with a side of Meghan Markle. A few favorites of mine have been this, this and this… just to give you an idea of what you’re in for! If you’re easily offended, you may not want to follow – but if you do, just know it’s all in jest! Follow him here.



This account is the official Instagram for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their Royal Foundation, based at Kensington Palace. They share an inside look at some of their various engagements and special moments behind-the-scenes! Now that Meghan and Prince Harry will be dividing house soon in terms of their royal duties and teams, I wonder if they’ll start their own Instagram? Who knows, but until, then, I’m following @KensingtonRoyal!


This account was created to promote the engagements within the royal family, mostly of the Queen and Prince Charles! You do see glimpses of Harry, Meghan, Will, Kate and more on occasion, but this account definitely has a more broad focus on community activities, engagements and other things the royal family is participating in and in support of. Follow it here!


The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have their very own Instagram account too! Follow along with Charles and Camilla on their various travels, engagements and involvement here.


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