We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the royals in the last couple of weeks, and it hasn’t been positive.


The DailyMail reported recently that Kensington Palace staff was getting fussy over Meghan Markle’s “work ethic”. The article states that she texts palace staff 6-7 times a day with new ideas and things she’d like to do with her role as a Duchess, and that her up-and-at-’em, go-getter personality has staff on edge. Apparently the fact that she wakes up at 5am to do yoga is also really putting a strain on the staff. Um, when did having a strong work ethic become a bad thing? And shouldn’t they be thrilled she’s taking her role seriously? The whole article reads as sexist to me. Whether this rumor is true or not, I think those are great qualities that all people should strive for, royal or not.


This is another rumor I really don’t like or believe in, mostly because it seems super catty. Sure, Meghan and Kate come from different backgrounds and likely don’t have a whole lot in common, but I highly doubt there is a rift between the two. For one, Meghan is still so new to the family and I would bet has been on her absolute best behavior around Prince William and Kate – she seems to be trying to do her best in all things. She’s taking her new royal roles very seriously, and I’m sure wants to make a great impression on everyone in the family. Especially since Kate is probably one of her only confidants in Kensington Palace she can go to for advice. Even with the stress leading up to her wedding earlier this year, I highly doubt she unloaded on Kate as many outlets are reporting. And in the case where outlets are claiming Meghan yelled at one of Kate’s staff, thus prompting a scolding from Kate has just been completely denied by the Palace. A spokesperson for the palace literally stated “That never happened”. While I’m sure the two ladies aren’t besties, I bet they get along just fine.


Of all the rumors, this seems the most likely to me. While I definitely don’t think it’s as serious as media outlets claim, it’s totally natural to struggle with siblings… especially when big changes are happening! The rumor going around about this is that Prince Harry is upset that Prince William didn’t welcome Meghan to the family as warmly as he’d expected or hoped. It is also rumored that Prince Charles stepped in an encouraged Prince William to make more of an effort. There are a couple of reasons why I think there might be just a little truth to this: Prince Harry has very clearly demonstrated he will take no prisoners when it comes to defending Meghan’s honor. He’s been outspoken about protecting her since day one and is intent on keeping her safe from negative media scrutiny. The other reason I think this rumor might have some truth to it is that although Prince Harry will not be King and therefore can be a little more relaxed with royal protocol (as can his wife), when he and Meghan do things that draw attention it might reflect negatively on Prince William or the rest of the royal family. My guess is that Prince William might be more worried about how their actions effect the crown than the newlyweds are. Either way, I don’t think the brothers actually had a “falling out”. I think it is likely they may have dealt with some tension occasionally in the last year, but nothing that can’t be overcome like any regular disagreement between siblings. I also do NOT think the brothers split up their courts over a feud. Prince William is to become King one day and has a completely different role than Prince Harry. Now that both Princes are married and have their own families and royal roles, it only makes sense that they’d separate their teams who assist them.


This rumor is also one I’m quashing and totally don’t believe! Prince Harry and Meghan currently live in a 2-bedroom cottage on the property of Kensington Palace, while Prince William and Kate live in the Palace apartments. While it would have been possible for Meghan and Harry to move into the second set of apartments at Kensington Palace, another royal couple currently resides there and I’m sure Harry and Meghan didn’t want to force them to move so they could move in. Of course, if they had the media would’ve been all over that too!

In addition to choosing a place that is special to them to make their own (they had their engagement photos shot at Frogmore Cottage and wedding reception at Frogmore House!), this residence will provide them more privacy and space than Kensington Palace would for raising their kiddos. Meghan and Harry will be able to spend way more time outside without the prying eyes of paparazzi, which is unfortunately something Kate and her kids deal with when she takes them to play anywhere outside the palace walls. Meghan and Harry will still spend a ton of time in London at various engagements, but I’m sure it will be nice to go home and totally shut out the public eye. After all, since Prince Harry will not be King, there’s really no reason for him to stay put in Kensington Palace!


  1. My thoughts exactly!! Everyone is so keen on big drama happening!! It’s ridiculous!

    Mallory says:
  2. I also don’t believe all of what I read. I think there are logical reasons for each of the negative events. For example—Kate leaving Charlotte’s bridesmaid’s dress fitting in tears. One, she just had a baby, hormones are crazy and your trying to deal with a 3-year old getting fitted for a dress. Need I say more? To me that’s a more likely senerio

    Jan says:
  3. I appreciated reading your thoughts on all the gossip! I think there is probably some truth to a tension in the royal family since Meghan has joined. I’m a huge Meghan fan, really love the royal family ever since Princess Diana. Meghan definitely has a stronger personality but I feel she uses her strengths for good, at least as much as possible. I can imagine Kate might feel a bit of jealousy towards Meghan getting the attention she has. They are both absolutely beautiful but Kate was everyone’s “sweetheart” before Meghan came into the picture. I love Meghan, but I have to say sometimes she does seem to do things differently just to be different, and that is slightly annoying lol. Everyone has their quirks though. 🙂

    Laura says:

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